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Myrna Porcaro

Brazilian Architect & Interior Designer, Myrna Porcaro discovered her passion for Architecture when she was a little girl. In fact, it was an early choice. Genuinely fascinated by experiencing her house in progress makeover, Myrna Porcaro became closer to the clipboard and square. And that was enough for declaring in loud and clear: ‘when I grow up I want to be an architect’.

In 1986, Myrna graduated from Universidade of Minas Gerais in Brazil, and right after her graduation, she moved to Paris in order to pursue continuing education courses in architecture, attending many different Architecture Programs for three years, where she earned ‘Certificat D’etudes Approfondés en Architecture – Anné 1986 –1987 at Ecole d’Architecture Paris Tolbiac and Intitulé ‘Le Bois Dans Architecture, Une Architecture de Bois’ (The Use of Wood in Architecture), ‘Certificat D’etudes Approfondés en Architecture – Anné 1987 – 1988, Intitulé ‘Architecture et Economie des Equipementos Culturelles’ at Ecole d’Architecture Paris – Villemim. Yet in the French Capital, Myrna worked as Architect & Project Designer for the ‘Bouleuc’s Residence’ (9,500 SqFt.), and many others project, starting her career as Architect.

Back to Brazil in the beginning of 90′, Myrna made her name working with a number of notable residential & commercial interiors, and innovative urban projects as well, all over the country. Proving that design quality is not governed by size or style, Myrna won 21 Awards & Nominations throughout 1999 – 2012, and still has been featured on many television shows & interviews in Brazil, as well as print articles in over 95 Brazilian Magazines specialized in Architecture.

Myrna Porcaro Architects was founded in 1990, by Myrna Porcaro. Since then, we have been ateam looking for constant harmony in our work and aiming for the maximum of competence and ethics.

Myrna Porcaro brings a multicultural experience endorsing different projects in Brazil, France and Florida, travelling the world exploring asian countries, like Nepal, China, India and other countries in Europe; as well countries from Arab Emirates, Thailand, Singapore, Greece, Finland, South Africa and Japan to get inspiration and bring references & authenticity to her final work. Myrna is always on top of everything about any project she is involved, coordinating many of the key stages in the design process, ensuring that the drawings that leave her office contain agreed and finalized designs and all approvals from the city and authorities as well, monitoring all the time her delivery team, with her minimalist and yet, impeccable style.

Her peculiar identity was summary in a book of nearly 350 pages, that has been issued in dedication of her 30-year career. Beautifully produced – a coffee table Design Book of the highest calibre whilst remaining an intimate portrait of her work, the Book Myrna Porcaro bring some of her design expressions, innovated ideas and architectural vision into reality. A delight for anyone who appreciates the ‘joie de vivre’ that Myrna Porcaro’s Architecture embodies.


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