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"Our goal is to integrate personalized details to design your dreams"

Myrna Godim Porcaro Designing Dreams

Myrna started to spread color and inspiration on 1986 in Brazil, when Myrna took her first project, a house in the condominium Retiro das Pedras, Nova Lima, Minas Gerais Brazil. Since, many other projects reveal the fusion of functionality, beauty, and sophistication; in which a wide range of elements, like the flow of natural light and proper dosed lighting, appropriate shades, according domination of hues, and the use of mirrors, sculpts, decorous fabrics, and flooring for every space are present.

For over two decades, Myrna’s clients have been admiring the unique creative, and innovative design that she offers in each renovation and new project. With offices in Miami and Brazil, the firm has received many awards, and has been recognized in several publications.

Elegance, comfort, vivacity, liveliness, and discretion are just a few of the multiple characteristic that Myrna’s projects portray. Each project from the portico and facades ‘til the most private space convey uniqueness, vivacity, and comfort, as every owner desires.

About Myrna

In 1986, Myrna graduated from the University of Minas Gerais in Brazil, where she earned the architect degree. Right after her graduation, she moved to Paris where she lived for three years and attended different Architecture programs, in order to pursue continuing education in architecture.

Myrna’s Paris Journey

In Pairs, Myrna attended courses of Histoire de l'architecture “History of Architecture” at The Louvre Museum and during 1986 and 1987 Myrna earned two certificates at Ecole d’Architecture Paris Tolbiac, “Certificat d'études en approfondies in architecture”:

  • Le Bois Dans L'Architecture, Une Architecture de Bois (Wood Architecture, a Wooden Architecture)”,
  • Architecture Economie et Des Équipements Culturelles (Architecture and Economy of Cultural Facilities).

While in the French capital, starting her career as Architect, Myrna worked for several projects, one of them as Architect and Project Designer for the Bouleuc Residence.

Back From Paris - Myrna’s Career Beginning in Brazil

Since the early 90’s, back in Brazil, Myrna has being working on a number of notable residential and commercial interior designs, and innovative urban projects, all over the country. Proving that design quality is not governed by size or style, Myrna won 21 Awards and Nominations since 1999 throughout 2012, and has been featured on many television shows and interviews in Brazil, as well as print articles in over 95 Brazilian and American magazines specialized in Architecture. On 2015 Myrna published a book, in which mesmerizes with her remarkable style on various projects she completed in Brazil and other countries.

Between Brazil and Miami

Her love for the big cities movement, inspired her to live between Brazil and Miami. In Miami, Myrna delights her clients with her free spirit and urban style. Myrna’s clients favor from her persistence to create, innovate, reinvent, and specially surprise them.

Myrna’s Focus

Myrna has been designing dreams since her earliest years, and is committed to integrate the client characteristics, personalities, desires, and dreams in her work, always preserving the space intimacy. Myrna looks to create interaction between rooms, yet delimiting the spaces, to foster amplitude of spaces and promote a harmonic environment that suits the owner daily routine and activities.


Apartment Lourdes, Brazil

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Apartment Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Apartment Sunny Isles, USA

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Farm Alcatruz, Brazil

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Interior Design

"Talking about Myrna Porcaro's work is as easy, as talking about beauty, harmony, joy, and love.

My story with Myrna, began 13 years ago with the renovation and decoration of the apartment where I live with my family, since then, the story continue, new projects have come in Rio de Janeiro, my country home in Brazil and in Miami.

Each project carried out was as if I had participated in the creation of a work of art, in which I was surrounded by the creative power of Myrna, her sensitivity for what is beautiful and harmonious, her dynamism, and her seriousness, and concern with the results. Always prioritizing in each project the client's need and lifestyle.

With each brushstroke, as her projects were creating life, there grew also, the joy and expectation of enjoying all that she provided through her work. Today, either in Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Miami or on the farm, I can say that Myrna created the perfect setting to perpetuate moments lived with family and friends! Thank you Myrna for having your signature on my screens !!!”

Ruth Guimäraes


"Contemporary lines, refinement, sophistication and genius: this is the unique work of Myrna Porcaro, who, going far beyond our expectations, has provided us with an intelligent, functional house with a rare and impressive beauty."

Mona Ghader Galväo

Residence Alphaville, Brazil

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