"My talent fusing colors, textures, and styles create an exclusive enviroment"

Interior Design Services

Creating, Innovating, Reinventing and Surprising.

Myrna takes all kinds of projects. Whether new projects or renovations, no project is too small or too big. Myrna visits the space and meets with the client to gather details and understand the desire style and goal establish details for completion of the project. For renovations, she advises you which furniture and decor deserve to stay. If you have old furniture you want to keep, of course, it could be included; so long as it matches the new style you desire.

Myrna’s work reflects a mix of heights, retreats, depths, and lighting. It balances fullness and emptiness, as well as straights and curves; It reinforces volume and symmetries, it transcends time, harmonizes nature and luxury, always managing the budget.

Myrna has experience managing a project from its starting stage to completion, she can endeavour into any type of project, and transform any space. She enjoys a new challenge and create the atmosphere you desire. Big or small, Myrna’s creations are always unique work of art. Call Myrna if you are interested on remodeling or reinventing your space for:

Let's meet and determine your budget to accomplish your goals.

Residential Interior Design

We provide professional and personalized residential interior design service. We manage the project considering each client's budget always integrating comfort, beauty, and functionality. We make sure your home reflects your liking and style.

Myrna’s experience includes the selection of finish material. She works directly with an extensive list of affordable design suppliers and stores to make your experience more enjoyable while choosing the furniture, lighting, fabrics, textiles, color schemes, drapery, walls covering, blinds, windows treatment, bedding, artwork, rugs, accessories, and layouts. If you are looking for a rustic touch, it will be tailored into the design.

Commercial Interior Design

We design productive, creative, and inspiring work spaces that are welcoming to your employees as well as your customers. We partake any commercial interior design project. No project is either too small or too big. Myrna’s passion is diffused with her team, to make a difference in every space, reassuring that your workspace let it be a front desk, receiving space, conference room, hallways, or the entire office or building is a pleasant work environment.

While designing a commercial or work space, we consider important factors like, background sounds or noise, lighting, and wall colors; we also look to avoid distractions and incorporate elements to evoke togetherness, progress, and success.

Proving that design quality is not governed by size or style we can take any of the following commercial projects:





A space properly designed for its function, will be always more effective. Showrooms must evoque beauty, balance, and above all style in every space they exhibit the different lines of furniture, artwork, or decorative pieces for the final interior design. Choosing the right combination to display in the showroom is essential. The setting must speak for itself, and reflect the value, and the function each piece will provide to every owner once they incorporate it into a room. The showroom should engage each customer that walks in, to make them feel the simplicity and sophistication they are looking to have in their spaces.

Country Homes

Owning a country home is a lovely opportunity not just to enjoy moments closer to mother nature, it is also an opportunity to incorporate rustic tailored pieces and recycled material into the interior design. The ample spaces most farms offer, the natural lighting, the landscapes and the closeness to natural environmentals are only a few of the multiples advantages we can find on an interior design project for a farm.

Bringing the outside inside and unifying the sky with the living room or any of your leisure rooms in your farm is a fraction of the passion we feel for our interior design projects.

Functional Interior Design that Inspire and Evoques





Our work offers quality at reasonable prices. Our client's budget is always managed to fulfill every client's needs and expectations.