Myrna Gondim Porcaro Architect & Interior Designer

Transforming Spaces into Harmonized Enviroments

Creating, Innovating, Reinventing, and Surprising

Myrna’s unique style incorporates a mixing of classic and modern pieces. Each of her designs are unique, specially created to match the person's culture, interests, personality and the family’s preferences. The goal is to create a functional pleasant atmosphere, paying special attention to the smallest detail of the project and staying within the budget of the family.

A project must incorporate art in its design to exude warmness. Integrating art doesn't necessarily make a project more expensive; some pieces can be avoided, while appropriate pieces that provides to the atmosphere the charms we all desire can be added. Myrna loves including natural plants and flowers in her interior design projects. She works with landscaping companies to help accentuate your interiors as well as the exteriors.


Brazilian Architect and Interior Designer, Myrna Gondim Porcaro, discovered her passion for architecture when she was a little girl. In fact, it was an early choice. Genuinely fascinated by experiencing the in-progress makeover of her parents house, Myrna became familiar with the clipboard, the carpenter square and rules, which was enough for her to declare loud and clear:"when I grow up I want to be an architect."


Creating, Innovating, Reinventing, and Surprising

Myrna is committed to her passion. Her flawless performance is shown in every project. She brings solutions with details, including beauty, sophistication, and functionality to every room. Due to her distinctive style and creativity. Myrna is able to endeavour into a variety of projects and create a unique atmosphere.


Myrna's projects have been published in different architecture and interior design magazines in Brazil and Miami, Florida.

Lebanon Deco

June 2017

Florida Design

April 2017

Design District

February 2017

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